Monuments/Headstones/Grave Markers/Gravestones

Touching Gravestones for Le Roy families

Derrick Monument Company Inc. has been helping Le Roy families pay tribute to and remember their loved ones for three generations. We are dedicated to producing high-quality gravestones, monuments and grave markers that truly reflect the essence of those we care for so dearly. Every individual shared their unique spirit with all those they touched, and we offer one-of-a-kind memorials to reflect their life and your enduring love for them. For more information, please contact our team at (585) 768-8470.

Remembrance pieces and repair work

Not only do we offer a wide selection of beautiful monuments, grave markers and headstones, but we provide a number of additional services to help you in remembering your loved one. Ask one of our helpful team members about:
  • On-site cemetery lettering
  • Monument, headstone and gravestone repair and restoration work
  • Power washing
  • Cemetery concrete foundations
  • Veterans Bronze attachments
  • Cemetery flower urns
  • In-ground vases
  • Porcelain dedo pictures
  • Eternal lights, solar lights and remembrance candles
For more information on our selection of flower urns, lighting, vases and restoration services, call (585) 768-8470.
Mountain rose off set double heart monument
Mountain rose off set double heart monument

Create the perfect memorial

Whether you'd like a upright headstone, flat gravestone, a meaningful inscription or symbol, our talented artists are able to create an exquisite tribute to your loved one.

And since most cemeteries have strict regulations, we help ensure your monument or headstone meets the regulations and guidelines of the cemetery where your loved one will be honored.

Pre-need services

Derrick Monument Company Inc. offers you the possibility to arrange your own monument, headstone or grave marker, in order to take away some of the effort and worry that comes to your family at the time of bereavement.

Speak with one of our helpful experts for guidance and more information on our selection of products. 
Helping you commemorate your loved one - call (585) 768-8470.
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